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Application of ICP DAS’s Solutions for Energy Management in Panel Display Manufacturing

The ICP DAS‘s PM-3000 series smart power meters allow users to transmit AC current data from the inverter to the PMC series power meter concentrators via the Modbus RTU communication protocol. Then, through Ethernet, the received data can be easily sent to the control center via Modbus TCP communication protocol, thus realizing power management and achieving the goal of preventive maintenance.


The customer is a panel display manufacturer, mainly producing thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal displays (TFT LCD), liquid-crystal displays (LCD), and touch panels. The panel display production line is located in a cleanroom equipped with HEPA inverters. In order to ensure the normal operation of the inverters, as well as to implement energy management, the customer needs to monitor the current values of the inverters. This case study shows how the ICP DAS’s energy management solution can help customers remotely monitor the current value of inverters on a production line in real-time to enable energy management and preventive maintenance.

ICP DAS's Smart Power Meter + Power Meter Concentrator Allow Easy Collection of the Machine Energy Consumption Data

On the production line, the customer uses the PM-3114-100 single-phase power meter to collect AC current data from HEPA inverters. The received data is then sent to the PMC-5231 power meter concentrator via the RS-485 communication interface (Modbus RTU protocol). The data is then promptly transmitted to the control center via Ethernet (Modbus TCP protocol) for power consumption information integration. The solution structure is as follows:

PM-3000 series smart power meters have high accuracy (<0.5%, PF=1) and are suitable for low voltage primary winding and medium/high voltage secondary winding. With the PM-3000 series smart power meters, users can get reliable energy consumption data and monitor equipment operation in real-time. The PM-3000 series smart power meters also have an open current transformer (CT) for measurement. The input current range of the PM-3114-100 single-phase power meter is 0.05A~60A, and the input voltage range is 10~300V AC, which is compatible with the voltage used in different countries. With support for 2-channel relay outputs, the power meter can be integrated with sirens or lighting to send alarm messages. At the same time, it supports Modbus RTU protocol for easy integration.

The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator combines the functions of power data collection, data backup and recording, web interface, IF-THEN-ELSE statement, energy consumption management, and remote emergency notification. The PMC-5231 power meter concentrator can connect up to 24 ICP DAS‘s Modbus power meters and up to 8 Modbus I/O modules via RS-485 or Ethernet interface and simultaneously read and record the power of electrical equipment measured by ICP DAS’s smart power meters. The PMC-5231 also provides a mechanism for sending power data that can be used with the PMC internal data server, IoTstar software, or SCADA to enable users to integrate and analyze power data.

The PMC-5231 power meter concentrator has a built-in web server, through which users can directly view various power information and set system parameters through a browser. No programming skills are required. The power monitoring system can be created through the web page settings.

The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator has IF-THEN-ELSE automatic logic control (edge computing) and remote alarm notification functions. When the PMC-5231 detects that the value of an AC current of the inverter is abnormal, whether it is connected to the background monitoring software or not, it will immediately send an alarm message to LINE or Email to notify the maintenance personnel of the problem.


  1. The PM-3000 series smart power meters have great integration flexibility and support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, and CANopen communication protocols. Users can choose suitable products according to their needs.

  2. The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator supports different communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, and MQTT. It can be integrated with the SCADA/MIS/facility management/IoT systems for real-time power data transmission.

  3. The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator can be connected with the ICP DAS‘s XV-Board DI/DO expansion board, M-7000 I/O module, or standard Modbus TCP/RTU slave module to meet the needs of various applications. To save space, the XV-board DI/DO expansion board can be directly inserted into the PMC-5231 power meter concentrator.

  4. The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator has a built-in data logger that provides the function to return power record files at regular intervals automatically and supports a data recovery mechanism after network failures to ensure that data is not lost.

  5. The PMC-5231 IIoT power meter concentrator supports the scheduling function. Users can preset the turn-on and turn-off times of the I/O modules according to different needs to easily control the operation of electrical equipment.

ICP DAS's IoTstar IIoT Cloud Management Software - The Last Mile of the Perfect Energy Management System

In recent years, the issue of Net Zero emissions has been attracting a lot of attention from investors and companies. The European Union (EU) aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2050. In addition, the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) published by the EU states that carbon taxes will be charged on certain goods imported into the EU from around the world. Thus, the implementation of proper energy management to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions has become a key to whether companies will be able to get business opportunities in the EU.

ICP DAS’s energy management solutions can help businesses obtain data on the manufacturing process’s energy consumption and manage their carbon footprint. Smart power meters can capture energy emissions generated by devices such as water-cooled chillers, air conditioners, lighting equipment, machinery used in manufacturing processes, and electric vehicle charging stations.

With PMC-5231 series power meter concentrators, power consumption records are automatically sent to the IoTstar IIoT cloud management software at regular intervals, and the data recovery mechanism of the power meter concentrators can ensure complete data transmission. The IoTstar is an IIoT cloud management software developed by ICP DAS that can remotely monitor and control the PMC-5231 and its connected I/O modules, devices, and equipment. With the IoTstar dashboard service, users can create various power information dashboards according to their individual needs, and these dashboards can also be shared with others. The IoTstar report service provides reporting statistics and query services; the service can export the generated reports to PDF and Excel formats.


With the advent of the ESG sustainability concept, business operations are no longer focused solely on financial data but also on carefully studying the impact of the operational process on the environment. Companies that are using the ESG management concept can gain the trust of investors and customers due to relatively low operational risks.

With the ICP DAS‘s energy management solution, this customer helped maintenance personnel get real-time AC current data from HEPA inverters, thereby reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, as well as arranging preventive maintenance of machines to avoid future losses and maintenance costs caused by sudden outages.

The ICP DAS’s energy management solution provides a variety of communication protocols as well as flexible integration with a back-end management platform. This solution will become a powerful assistant for companies on their way to sustainable ESG management.

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