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Ensuring Underpass Safety with ICP DAS’s Cloud Monitoring Solution

The ICP DAS‘s water level monitoring modules, together with the WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller, constitute a system that sends the data about the water level in the underpass to the control center. The IoTstar IIoT cloud management software provided by ICP DAS is used for remote monitoring. When the underpass is flooded, the system will send alerts, display the height of the flood on the electronic sign, start the pump motor, and lower the boom barrier to prevent the passage of people and vehicles.


In summer, flooding is often reported in Taiwan due to heavy rains or typhoons, especially in low-lying underpass areas where cars accidentally drive into a flooded area and become trapped. In order to ensure the safety of underpasses, ICP DAS offers a complete range of water level monitoring solutions. Users can set water level detection systems in areas prone to flooding to monitor water levels at any time using IIoT technology. Such systems can display warning messages on an electronic display and lower boom barriers to prevent people or vehicles from entering areas where the water level is too high. At the same time, the relevant information will be sent back to the control center, which will allow the management personnel to monitor the situation on-site in real-time and issue warnings of flooding, thereby ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property. This case study shows how a customer built a water level monitoring system for several underpass sections in Taichung City using ICP DAS‘s equipment.

ICP DAS's solution for water level monitoring in underpasses

The customer uses ICP DAS‘s CA-LLD-DP100 leakage sensor to detect the water level in the underpass and the iSN-101 leak detection module to transmit the resistance value to the WISE-5231 intelligent IIoT edge controller through the Modbus RTU communication protocol. When the water level exceeds the warning value, a warning message will be displayed on the iKAN-224-IP65 LED display, the boom barrier will be lowered to prohibit passage, and the pump motor will be activated to drain the water. The control center’s computer is equipped with the ICP DAS‘s IIoT cloud management software IoTstar to monitor the water level information on-site in real-time. The system structure is as follows:

System structure diagram

Leakage sensor CA-LLD-DP100 can detect liquid leakage and water level in a specific location. It is suitable for drainage pipes, water storage tanks, containers, and other places with limited space. This device has two probes (sensors) at the base. To complete the circuit and trigger the alarm, the water must touch both sensors at the same time. The CA-LLD-DP100 leakage sensor must be used with the iSN-101 leak detection module to transmit data to the WISE-5231 intelligent IIoT edge controller.

The iKAN series LED display supports ASCII and Unicode characters, which can display text messages in multiple languages. It supports Modbus communication protocols commonly used in PLC, HMI, or SCADA control systems. In this case, warning messages are displayed on the iKAN-224-IP65 LED display.

The tM-PD3R3 digital input and power relay module lowers or raises boom barriers and turns on or stops the pumping motor according to the commands from the WISE-5231 intelligent IIoT edge controller. When the flooding height reaches the warning value, boom barriers will be lowered to block the passage of vehicles or pedestrians, and the pumping motor will be activated to drain the water. When the water level drops, boom barriers will be raised again.

WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controllers by ICP DAS are widely used for logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. It provides functions for mathematical operations, scheduling, and sending email and LINE/WeChat notifications. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE statement can execute automation logic stably and efficiently. In this case, the WISE-5231 controller achieves real-time control through the IF-THEN-ELSE mechanism. When a flood occurs, regardless of whether it is connected to the monitoring software in the background at this time, boom barriers and the pump motor will be activated immediately, and an alarm notification will be sent, also on-site water level data will be sent back to the control center via Modbus TCP for water level monitoring.

The IoTstar is an IIoT cloud management software developed by ICP DAS can remotely monitor and control WISE/PMC/PMD series IIoT controllers, I/O modules, devices, and equipment connected to the controllers. The IoTstar can be installed not only on private cloud platforms in the Windows OS, but also on public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. In this case, the customer used the IoTstar to get data from sensors connected to WISE controllers to import this data into a database and show it on the dashboard.


1. The iKAN series LED display provides various text message combinations, with storage space for 128 sets of regular text messages, 20 sets of emergency messages, as well as 7 text color options to distinguish the degree of urgency, which greatly improves the readability of messages.

2. The iKAN-224-IP65 LED display is IP65 rated, so users don’t have to worry about outdoor equipment being damaged due to environmental factors.

3. The WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller provides an easy-to-operate web interface to edit the control logic. No programming is required. Users only need to click the settings on the HMI to edit the control logic.

4. The WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller can be used with XV-board series DI DO expansion boards to meet various I/O requirements in different applications. To save space, users can insert the XV-board series DI DO expansion board into the WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller.

5. The built-in data logger of the WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller provides the data recovery function that can automatically transmit the data to the control center to keep the data safe. Users do not need to worry about data loss.

6. With the help of the IoTstar dashboard service, the water level data of the underpasses can be checked in real-time, which allows the management staff to monitor the situation on-site, ensuring the safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, IoTstar version 2.0 also has a reporting service, which provides report statistics and query services for the values of I/O module channels (or power meters) connected to WISE/PMC/PMD series controllers. Reports can be provided in PDF or Excel file format. For more information, please follow the link below:

ICP DAS's intelligent water level monitoring solution 2.0

The ALM-Horn-BR series sound and light alarm module and iCAM series IP cameras can be installed in the underpasses. When an underpass is flooded, the iSN-101 liquid leakage detection module can trigger the ALM-Horn-BR sound and light alarm module, which will emit sound and light signals to warn drivers and pedestrians. At the same time, the WISE series intelligent IIoT edge controller can activate the iCAM series IP camera, which will capture real-time images and send them back to the control center. iCAM series IP cameras are IP67 rated, 2 megapixels Full HD high image quality with infrared filters, which can detect the amount of light source to switch between day and night mode and greatly improve the quality of images captured at night. The iCAM-ZMR8422X IR bullet IP camera has an auto-focus function, which allows users in the control center to automatically focus the camera using the software installed on the computer in the control center, which reduces the cost of manual adjustment.


With ICP DAS‘s water level monitoring solution, the customer can control the water level data in the underpasses. When an emergency occurs, an alarm message will be displayed on the LED display at the entrance to the underpass, and the IP camera will be activated to take pictures and send them to the control center. Such a system allows management personnel to get on-site information and immediately take care of the problem.

When the rainy season is approaching, it is necessary to protect from flooding not only low-lying underpasses, but also private facilities that can often be flooded too, such as kitchens, balconies, bathrooms, underground parking lots, and warehouses. ICP DAS has been working for a long time on intelligent monitoring solutions that can meet the needs of various applications, thereby improving overall operational efficiency and the safety of public infrastructure and private facilities.

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