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ICP DAS’s Solution for Cloud Data Visualization in Water Supply Monitoring System (India)

Using ICP DAS‘s WISE series intelligent edge controller and IoTstar IIoT cloud management software, real-time data of water supply systems located in Indore city, India can be wirelessly transmitted to the monitoring center via 4G, allowing users to remotely monitor water supply systems throughout the city. The status of the water supply system can be monitored at any time using the data display; then, the obtained information can be used as a reference for preventive maintenance of the equipment.


In order to solve the problem of uneven distribution of water resources and achieve their efficient use, in recent years the Government of India has committed itself to the management of water resources. There are a total of 250 water supply systems in Indore city, India. The traditional water resource monitoring method was to install a PLC at each water supply system to collect information obtained by sensors about water flow, water pressure, and water level. However, because the equipment was located in places remote from each other, it was difficult to control the water supply systems centrally. To ensure the normal operation of water supply systems, the distribution company Nimbus Technologies and their client Chavare Engineering decided to use the IoT cloud method to transfer the collected data to the monitoring center and remotely monitor the status of 250 devices in real time via 4G while maintaining the original structure. Thus, in addition to being aware of water distribution problems at any time, equipment performance data can also be obtained to help customers perform predictive equipment maintenance.

Locations of water supply systems (map provided by Nimbus Technologies)

ICP DAS's IIoT edge controller WISE-5231M-4GE and software IoTstar for real-time remote monitoring system

The system structure can be divided into two parts: the water supply systems and the control center. On the side of water supply systems, the customer uses the PLC to collect data about water flow, pressure, and level. Then collected data will be transmitted from the PLC to the ICP DAS’s WISE-5231M-4GE IIoT edge controller through the Modbus RTU communication protocol. The WISE-5231M-4GE then sends the data to the control center using 4G wireless communication, and the IoTstar IIoT cloud management software installed in the control center can simultaneously monitor the real-time status of the water supply systems in the field. The system structure is as follows:

Structure of water supply monitoring system
Schematic diagram of the operation of 250 water supply systems

WISE IIoT edge controllers from ICP DAS have features such as autonomous logic control, remote monitoring, data collection, and alerting. They provide mathematical operations, scheduling, and e-mail notification functions. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE statement can control the transmission of alarm messages in real-time when logic rules are set. In this case, the customer uses the WISE-5231M-4GE to transmit the status of field-side water supply systems to the monitoring center via 4G wireless communication.

The IoTstar is an IIoT cloud management software developed by ICP DAS that can remotely monitor and control WISE/PMC/PMD series IIoT controllers, I/O modules, devices, and equipment connected to the controllers. The IoTstar can be installed not only on private cloud platforms in the Windows OS, but also on public cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services. In this case, the customer uses the IoTstar to collect the equipment status data from sensors connected to WISE controllers, store it in the database, and then display it on the dashboard. All this made it possible to achieve data visualization and create a complete cloud-based real-time IIoT monitoring system.


1. With the 4G communication method of the WISE-5231M-4GE, users can solve the difficult wiring problem and send a large amount of information in the shortest possible time. Besides, the WISE-5231M-4GE provides the data recovery function, which can record the collected data and automatically send it to the control center through FTP or email.

2. The WISE series IIoT edge controller provides an easy-to-operate web interface to edit the control logic. No programming is required. Users only need to click the settings on the HMI to edit the control logic.

3. The WISE series IIoT edge controller can be used with XV-board series DI/DO expansion boards to meet various I/O requirements in different applications. To save space, users can insert the XV-board series DI/DO expansion board into the WISE series IIoT edge controller.

4. With the IoTstar, users do not need to worry about the network environment of the WISE controller. Whether the controller uses a static IP, dynamic IP, virtual IP, or physical IP, with the help of the IoTstar, the management personnel can perform status monitoring, system settings, and configuration of provided data. Users can also configure and upgrade the firmware of the WISE controller through the web interface provided by the IoTstar. It solves the problem of IP management in the 3G/4G wireless communication and reduces the time and cost of sending personnel to the field.

5. With IoTstar Dashboard Service, each water supply system has an independent dashboard to check the real-time data of water flow, water pressure, and water level. In addition to ensuring an even distribution of water resources, this service can also help with preventive equipment maintenance to reduce the cost of subsequent maintenance.

6. The IoTstar Report Service provides a statistic report service for the power meters or the channel value of the I/O modules connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD series controllers. Reports can be provided in PDF or Excel file format.

Inside the control center (photo provided by Nimbus Technologies)
Monitoring displays in the control center (photo provided by Nimbus Technologies)
On-site distribution panel board (photo provided by Nimbus Technologies)

ICP DAS’s remote monitoring solution (WISE series controllers + iCAM series IP camera + communication apps)

Users can build a real-time remote monitoring system using WISE series controllers together with iCAM series IP cameras and communication apps. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE statement of the WISE series controllers can make logical judgments based on the information from the PLC. In the event of an error in the equipment status, or for example, the water level is out of the normal range, the WISE series controller will activate on-site iCAM series IP cameras to capture real-time images and transmit them to the control center and management personnel through communication applications such as LINE or WeChat.

For more information about iCAM series IP cameras, please follow the link below:


This client achieved its goal of building a remote monitoring and predictive maintenance system with ICP DAS‘s solution for cloud data visualization. Through real-time data monitoring, the customer can effectively prevent failures in the system by checking relevant information to find out the cause of the problem. This application model has also been successfully used in other countries. For example, WISE-5231M-4GE and IoTstar are used for real-time remote monitoring of solar panels in Phuket Island, Thailand, and its surrounding 32 outlying islands. The collected data is transmitted to the monitoring center in Phuket City via 4G wireless communication. The wind turbine foundation monitoring system in the UK uses WISE-5231M-3GWA and IoTstar as well.

Water resources are one of the most important issues of sustainable development. ICP DAS offers a variety of solutions to help customers save and use water resources efficiently. In the future, ICP DAS will continue to develop solutions that can be applied in different fields to meet customers’ needs in data collection and equipment monitoring, as well as for sustainable development.

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