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Application Case of Cold Storage Warehouse Temperature Monitoring in a Beverage Plant

To implement remote temperature monitoring of the cold storage warehouse, the client used a WISE series IIoT edge controller and remote I/O modules from ICP DAS to convert and transmit the current temperature sensor data to the control center in real-time. Collecting the temperature data of multiple warehouses can take place at the same time, and the temperature data of each warehouse can be displayed in the control center instantaneously. This feature helps factory personnel efficiently monitor temperature changes in warehouses.


The customer is the bottling company, a subsidiary of a well-known beverage manufacturer in the United States. The brand annually sells up to 2 billion boxes of high-quality carbonated and non-carbonated drinks worldwide. Since the customer attaches great importance to the hygiene and safety of beverages, the factory uses cold storage warehouses to avoid exposure to light, heat, and other influences on beverages to ensure product quality and stability.

The factory area has three independent and distant cold storage warehouses. The distance from each of them to the control center is more than 30 meters. Since the customer needed to record the temperature data of all three warehouses simultaneously, the data transfer to the control center had to occur once a minute. To achieve this goal, it was decided to use IIoT technology for data storage and analysis. This example shows how the use of the WISE series controller and the I-7017C current input module from ICP DAS provided the customer with cold storage warehouse temperature monitoring.

ICP DAS Solution for the Cold Storage Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

In this case, the ICP DAS’s I-7017C current input module is used to receive the current signal from warehouses’ temperature sensors and then send the current signal to the WISE-5231 IIoT edge controller, which converts the current signal into temperature data. After that, the temperature data will be sent to the control center. The system architecture is as follows:

The ICP DAS’s I-7017C 8-channel current input module is specially designed to capture current signals using built-in resistors. In this case, each of the three cold storage warehouses uses an I-7017C to receive current signals from temperature sensors at multiple locations in the warehouse. One I-7017C can receive signals from eight different locations and transmit signals via DCON protocol to the WISE-5231 IIoT edge controller.

The ICP DAS’s WISE-5231 IIoT edge controller can be used for remote logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications. The built-in IF-THEN-ELSE logic engine can execute automation logic stably and efficiently. It also provides functions for mathematical operations, scheduling, and sending email notifications. Thanks to the built-in “Linear Scaling” function, the current signal is converted into temperature data, and the temperature data is transmitted to the control center via Modbus TCP. In addition, the “Data Logger” function, provided by the controller, allows exporting temperature data into a report for quality control and audit. In case of a communication interruption, WISE-5231 can fill in missing data to ensure that no data is lost.


  • The WISE series Smart Edge Computing Controller has built-in “Linear Scaling” and “Data Logger” functions, which can effectively maintain and electronically present the temperature data, to make it easy for the factory personnel to manage and analyze the data. The WISE series also provides various real-time alert options (such as email, SMS, LINE, WeChat, and others). When the temperature in the warehouse is abnormal, managers can receive real-time notifications and solve problems in time.

  • With the monitoring solution built with the I-7017C and WISE-5231, factory personnel can simultaneously receive temperature values from three warehouses in the control center. That eliminates the need to move personnel between warehouses and the control center to record temperatures and helps to avoid mistakes in data due to manual copying.

  • ICP DAS‘s remote I/O modules support a variety of communication protocols and different types of I/O signals, including analog and digital output/input signals such as current, voltage, strain, temperature, and others. In addition, they are equipped with dual “Watchdog” functions, which can make the control system transfer to a safe state in case an abnormal situation is detected. Moreover, modules have isolation and overvoltage protection to ensure that they operate with higher reliability.

  • ICP DAS‘s WISE controllers provide various network connection methods. Besides Ethernet(Modbus TCP), they can also support MQTT protocol to transmit data to cloud monitoring software through encryption.

Remote I/O Modules by ICP DAS

ICP DAS provides more than 300 types of I/O communication modules that support analog and digital output/input signals of current, voltage, strain, temperature, and others. Their functions can assist in measuring temperature, humidity, illumination, voltage, and liquid level. That is why I/O modules from ICP DAS can be widely used in various industries.

In terms of temperature measurement, ICP DAS offers a variety of I/O modules that can be used with different types of temperature sensors. For example, the M-7015P RTD input module can be adopted with the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) sensor, and the M-7005 thermistor input and DO module can be adopted with the thermistor sensor. Digital I/O modules are equipped with a thermistor sensor to transmit temperature data measured by resistance change. The M-7018 input can be adopted with a thermocouple sensor, to convert the heat potential difference into an electric potential difference (as known as voltage) for measuring temperature data. Through the various remote I/O modules provided by ICP DAS, the temperature data can be easily sent back to the control center via the WISE series IIoT edge controller.


With the use of ICP DAS‘s I-7017C I/O module and WISE-5231 controller, the customer can efficiently collect cold storage warehouses’ temperature information. In addition to real-time monitoring of warehouse temperature changes, factory personnel can also meet quality control and auditing needs. Complete warehouse temperature data can also become the most reliable temperature basis in production history.

ICP DAS provides a variety of remote I/O module series and solutions, which are not only closer to the real needs of customers, but also provide more complete and easy-to-operate smart monitoring solutions.

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