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The ICP DAS DALI Gateway Application for the Temperature Monitoring in Industrial Ovens

ICP DAS DGW-521 is a communication gateway that can stably convert Modbus RTU/DCON to DALI protocols; in this application, the DGW-521 gateway successfully connected to the customer’s heating system and DALI temperature controllers, making their industrial hot air ovens energy-efficient and stable. 

In addition, more flexible production conditions have been created as the panel temperature process has overcome the various production requirements of mobile phones, tablets, large-size panels, automotive panels, etc.


The customer, in this case, is an equipment factory that specialized in manufacturing industrial ovens, as well as utilizing light and heat technology to provide high precision equipment in various industries. For example, PCB circuit boards, flat panel display (FPD), touch panels, semiconductor industries, electronic assembly, printing, coating, and shoe industries, etc. The following case study for temperature monitoring shows you the application of the ICP DAS DGW-521 gateway used in the industrial hot-air ovens.

Strict Production Conditions─the Oven Temperature Has Become a Key Factor Affecting the Yield and Quality

In the large-size panel processing of TFT-LCD (thin film transistor liquid crystal display), quite a few coating materials must undergo baking processes, e.g., pre-bake after photoresist coating, post-development bake, pre-bake after alignment film coating, alignment film baking, pre-bake of sealant dispenser. The heating process is required in these procedures, and usually the lower the temperature the better. Besides, precise temperature control plays an important role in each heating process. For example, the prebake temperature after the dehydration and coating should be in the range of 90℃ to 120℃; and 190℃ to 250℃ is good for the process of pre-bake after alignment film coating.

To achieve precise temperature control, two main hot plate conveyor methods are adopted, the batch type and the monolithic type. In the past, the UV glue has aging issues (yellowing phenomenon) while processed in a high-temperature environment, caused the problem of low light transmittance, as well as affecting the yield rate. In addition to TFT-LCD, the manufacturing requirements of electronic products such as smartphones and tablets, LCD TVs, notebooks, iPads, LTPS, IGZO, OLEDs, naked 3D products are increasing dramatically; therefore, the diversification of touch panel and other panel products has made the manufacturing process much more complex. Therefore, the stability of the oven temperature has become the key to success in terms of yield and quality.

The ICP DAS DALI Gateway, the Connection between PLC and DALI Lighting Control Module

In this case, the industrial hot air ovens are equipped with hundreds of internal lights to generate the heat. To let the light produce the heat along with the process, as well as maintain its stability and reliability, the customer chose the DALI lighting control module to manage the lights, together with the electronic ballast to precisely control the light tube output power. Although the PLC used by the hot air ovens supports Modbus RTU protocol, it is not available for DALI communication protocol. Therefore, the ICP DAS DGW-521 DALI gateway is a practical device to connect both PLC and the DALI lighting control module to achieve temperature management and light monitoring, maintaining the control of process conditions and yield quality. The system diagram is as follows:

System Diagram



In the past, the market for hot-air ovens was monopolized by foreign manufacturers. However, the hot-air multi-oven manufactured by this customer has broken the long-standing dependence on imported equipment from abroad and has met the requirements of quality improvement and cost reduction, leading Taiwan’s photovoltaic industry in competitiveness. This customer is currently the only manufacturer in Taiwan that can supply Array/CF/Cell heating equipment, and it is also the only supplier in the Taiwan TFT LCD equipment manufacturing industry.

ICP DAS is committed to the research and development of new technologies, and we have complete products to meet the protocol conversion needs of various customers. Undoubtedly, ICP DAS will continue to provide comprehensive products and services to our valuable customers through a vast amount of accumulated experience.

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