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Lighting Equipment Monitoring Solutions Tailored for High-rise Buildings

The primary goal for this scenario was to control the lighting equipment and switches in the public spaces of a building. The function of uPAC-7186EG here is a programmable controller and it can handle and transmit the data that acquired from the sensors based on settings.
Moreover, ICP DAS high-speed FRnet I/O modules enable to transmit the data from the lighting equipment, and have features that make them easy to setup and provide a quick response. Users were able to perform the system operation by using the TPD-280U-H, a device that includes a touch display, together with InduSoft, SCADA software, so the central monitoring computer to take control of the lighting equipment in a unified way.


Our client is a well-known construction company that has achieved many successes when building apartments and office complexes. In addition, their requirements for building automation in terms of function design and product selection are extremely strict. The three expectations they insisted on for the product function were clear function design, ease of use and durability. Consequently, ICP DAS was able to help them achieve their goals for building automation by employing the PACs, together with the TouchPAD and other remote I/O modules, each of them operating the lighting control. Ultimately, the company was able to create a suitable central control management via a SCADA system.

Figure 1 Outside of the building

ICP DAS Smart Buildings – Our Solution Tailored for this Case

● Lighting Controls

ICP DAS designed a solution for our client by using the uPAC-7186EG, TPD-280U-H, FR-2053T and FT-2057T devices. First, a number of uPAC7186EG PACs, which responsible for the programming, were used to function as controllers, and could also be implemented to execute the ISaGRAF. Second, the serial port on the uPAC-7186EG was connected to the FR-2053T, which is a high-speed digital input module, and they were used as touch switch controls. Third, the ICP DAS FR-2057Ts, which are high-speed digital output modules, were used for the lighting control. Finally, our TPD-280U-H, HMI devices were installed in the public spaces as multi-function switches.

● Accelerating Transmission Efficiency

Given that the data transmission needed to be enhanced, the uPAC-7186EG modules were installed on every five floors, with a total of six uPAC-7186EG modules being employed as controllers for the entire building.

● System Integration

With the combination of a PC that has the InduSoft SCADA software platform installed, the six uPAC-7186EGs received and transmitted the signals back to the control room. All the monitoring indicators that displayed the status of the lighting in this building were also integrated.

Figure 2-1 System Diagram
Figure 2-2 System Diagram

Benefits Provided by Implementing the ICP DAS Solution


ICP DAS has devoted its time and effort to developing industrial control for many years. With its commitment to quality products and service, ICP DAS is well respected by many industries. In addition to the strict quality control surrounding our products, we are highly committed to innovation. By responding to the demands of the markets, while continually advancing with the times, our solution scenarios for building automation have achieved remarkable results. Also, our industrial control products are not only durable, they also provide numerous strengths for smart buildings. 

In conclusion, ICP DAS provides integrated building automation solutions and products which improve the technology and convenience that is needed for building automation.

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ICP DAS was established in 1993 and strongly focuses on innovation and the enhancement of industrial automation technology. ICP DAS continuously endeavors to develop a comprehensive selection of products ranging from remote I/O controllers, distributed I/O modules, I/O data acquisition boards, programmable automation controllers, industrial communication modules, web-related products, motion control systems, SCADA/HMI software to automation solutions for applications critical to energy management, motion automation, smart factories, intelligent buildings, and smart cities. Our ambition is to provide a wide range of high-quality products and versatile applications, together with prompt and efficient services, that can be implemented to assist in the continued success of our clients worldwide.

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