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Residential/Commercial Building Leakage Monitoring Applications

PACTECH / ICP DAS (EC17W35_04 , By Phileo Lin)

The application of leakage monitoring in residential or commercial buildings has become increasingly widespread. For example, a large-scale monitoring system for applications such as a water storage, daily water purification, wastewater discharge pipes, or fire-fighting water systems, or small area monitoring system for items including kitchen sink, bathroom, water tower, or senior home care, etc.
By applying the architecture of the Internet of Things (IoT), data can be transmitted to the cloud in real-time so that it can be monitored or controlled via wired or wireless transmission. In this way, the application provides a solution that allows water to be effectively saved, improving the safety of the household and avoiding problems caused by water leakage.


ICP DAS provides both wired and wireless leakage monitoring solutions. The wired solution uses an M-7026 module with a 3m S-1F Sensor Cable. Up to six S-1F Sensor Cables can be connected to each M-7026 module to simultaneously monitor six sites. The monitoring data can then be sent to the control center using the built-in Modbus protocol.
The wireless solution uses a ZT-2026 module and a 3m S-1F Sensor Cable. Up to four S-1F Sensor Cables can be connected to each ZT-2026 module to sinultanuously monitor for sites. The monitoring data can then be sent to the control center using the built-in ZigBee protocol.

Wireless Monitoring System
Wired Monitoring System

Household Leakage Monitoring

Indoor standing water can easily occur in areas such as the kitchen sink, or the discharge pipe system from the washing machine or water cylinder. A water leakage system can be installed in these areas to enable real-time monitoring, and all unnecessary sources of standing water can be immediately removed if a water leak is present inside a household.

Kitchen Sink Monitoring

Home Aged Care

The residential security for seniors is becoming increasingly important as our society is aging. An elderly person may fall into the bathtub and drown if they fall or have a heart attack. We can monitor the water level in the bathtub by using the Leakage Monitoring system, and immediate response can be activated in real time if an unusual event occurs.

Building Leakage Monitoring

The water system in the building usually includes the daily water storage system, the drinking water purification system, the drainage system, the fire-fighting water system and heating, ventilation and air conditioning system, etc.
Using the InduSoft SCADA software, a monitoring system can be quickly established, and the trigger conditions that trigger the DO on the M-7045 module can be easily configured so that an alarm or warning light is switched on if an event occurs to inform the relevant personnel that an immediate response is required.


ICP DAS provides both wired and wireless leakage monitoring solutions. You can choose the most appropriate leakage monitoring solution for your specific application to save water resources and enhance the home or building water consumption. In the future, ICP DAS will continue to bring more value to our customers by developing cost-efficient solutions in the environmental monitoring filed.

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