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WISE-5231 Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

PACTECH / ICPDAS (EC17W35_03, by Rick Lee )

Industry 4.0 is based on the IoT (Internet of Things) that incorporates the technological concept of communicating and exchanging information between all facilities, and has brought the manufacturing industry into a new era. The WISE-5231 Intelligent IoT Controller developed by ICP DAS is a perfect starting point to facilitate the vision of the Industry 4.0 era.

The WISE-5231 Controller provides powerful and flexible integration with I/O modules and sensors on the field side, and supports various IoT protocols for seamless integration with SCADA/MES/MIS/IT/IoT Management systems to transfer real-time I/O information from the front-end modules (or sensors) to the back-end management systems. It also features reliable real-time I/O logic control and data logger operations. All of these features make the WISE-5231 perfect concentrator of sensors and I/O modules in the IoT age.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator


WISE (Web Inside, Smart Engine) is a product series developed by ICP DAS that functions as a control unit for use in remote logic control and monitoring in various industrial applications.

WISE offers a user-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers that is just a few clicks away; no programming is required. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, WISE will minimize the learning curve, shorten the time to market and dramatically reduce the labor and cost spent on system development.

The WISE-5231 provides more support for I/O functions, and allows connections to XV-boards; supports the simultaneous integration of DCON I/O modules, Modbus RTU Slave modules and Modbus TCP Slave modules. The wide range of selection options enables flexibility in I/O module integration to meet the requirements of various applications.

The WISE-5231 also provides the ability to save Data Logger information to a micro SD card, allowing real-time I/O channel data from the controller to be recorded.

In addition to functions enabling transmission of CGI commands, the WISE-5231 now supports functions that allow CGI commands to also be received, meaning that devices that are connected to the network, such as an IP camera, can trigger the activation of IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules supported by the WISE-5231. The carefully considered CGI command functions enable WISE-5231 Controller to flexibly interact with the devices in the network environment. The WISE-5231 also supports the SNMP, SNMP Trap, MQTT and DDNS protocols and services. The capability of flexible integration with SCADA and IT software or devices, and the ability for reliable real-time I/O logic control in combination with the data logger make the WISE-5231 Controller the most cost-effective I/O controller in the IoT age.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator


Simple and easy-to-use for system development

The WISE Controller provides a series of user-friendly Web UI pages that are perfect for editing the control logic on the controllers. Requiring only a browser to connect to the Web server on the WISE controller, with no need to install additional software or utilities. Thanks to WISE, controller logic rules can be configured and deployed via a few mouse clicks without the need to write a single line of code.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Ability to execute IF-THEN-ELSE logic rules

The WISE Controller features an IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule engine that provides IF-THEN-ELSE rules that can be used to configure the logic content. After editing the new rules and uploading them to the WISE controller, the rule engine will then execute the rules in a loop based on the prescribed execution order under specific conditions.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Connection ability to a variety of sensors and devices

The WISE Controller allows you to connect with sensors and devices that support the Modbus TCP/RTU protocol for I/O monitoring. The ability to connect with Modbus TCP/RTU slave devices enables flexibility and scalability for system implementation, and allows you to meet the various requirements of the client applications.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Provides Timer and Schedule operation

The WISE Controller features Timer and Schedule functions, allowing you to schedule a specific date or time for controlling the logic execution, or for performing specific tasks such as time delays, etc. With the provided Calendar user interface, Schedule settings are more efficient and flexible.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Transmission and reception of CGI Commands for integration with surveillance systems

The WISE Controller supports full CGI command operations – CGI command transmission and CGI command reception. CGI command transmission actions can be added to the logic editing as part of the logic control in response to specific events. The CGI command receive function enables the WISE device to receive CGI commands from other network devices. The content of the received CGI command can be used in IF condition statements to trigger the THEN/ELSE actions.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Real-time alarm notification via SSL Email

The WISE Controller supports SSL Email transmission functions for real-time notification operations. Message transmission actions can be added to the logic editing as part of the logic control to provide real-time notifications to the relevant personnel should an alarm event occur.

Intelligent Multifunction IIoT I/O Concentrator

Data Logger functions

The WISE Controller provides the ability to save Data Logger information to a micro SD card, allowing real-time I/O channel data from the controller to be recorded. The data files are automatically sent to the control center via FTP for further administration management or data analysis.

Active I/O sending mechanism

In addition to the Modbus TCP/RTU slave function that enables a SCADA system to poll the I/O channel data from the WISE Controller, an “Active I/O sending” mechanism is also provided for Modbus TCP master, SNMP Trap and MQTT publishing. Using this mechanism, the WISE Controller can actively send I/O channel data from the controller to a SCADA/IT system based on an event trigger, i.e., a change in the I/O channel data or on a periodic cycle. This function will improve the efficiency of the data communication between the WISE Controller and the SCADA/IT system.

A variety of protocols supported for integration with SCADA/IT/IoT Systems

WISE supports various communication protocols that enable the performance of real-time monitoring and control of controllers. The WISE Modbus TCP/RTU protocol allows I/O channel and system data to be shared with the SCADA system. WISE also provides support for the SNMP, CGI, FTP and MQTT protocols for easy integration with IT/MIS/MES/Facility management/Network management systems. The capability of flexible integration with SCADA and IT systems makes WISE the most cost-effective I/O controller for IoT applications.

* Support for the Modbus TCP / RTU industrial protocol

* Support for the SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) network management protocol

* Support for the MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) protocol to provide data that can be linked to the concept of networking industries

* Support for FTP Server/Client mechanisms to provide two-way data log file for maintenance operations

* Support for the SSL/TLS Email, instant notification live state

* Support for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) commands to send and receive commends to network equipment, such as: IP Camera thereby providing complete interaction

* Support for the DDNS dynamic domain name system


– Building Automation 
– Factory Automation
– Machine Automation
– Facility Management
– Environment Monitoring

The multi-function WISE-5231 Controller is easy-to-use and reliable. It is designed to provide a cost-effective software and hardware solution to meet various requirements from the users, while significantly reducing the time and labor spent in the process of system development.

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